Welcome to Neabsco Elementary Library!

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Welcome Back! We look forward to seeing you in our live Zoom classes and in person. Your teacher will make sure you have the link to join our class on you Library Encore day. Be sure to visit our Library Canvas page for great books to read and research resources. You'll find this on your Canvas Dashboard. Just look for your grade level Library course. You'll also find exciting resources through Mrs. Childress' Clever page. 
Happy reading!!

Neabsco Library Choice Board




Choice #1- Read a book!

Read any book or magazine you have in your house. Find a comfy spot and read to your pet or stuffed animal. You could also read to someone in your family. Little brothers and sisters love when you read to them! Try building a fort with items around your house, where you can curl up and read.

Choice #2- Read a book online!

Go to our Library Canvas page and click on "Get a good book". There you will find several great reading resources including Storyline, Tumblebooks and Epic!.


Choice #3- Do some research!

Pick your favorite research resource from our Library Canvas page to explore a topic you're interesting in learning more about. Just click on "Research and Learn" or go to Mrs. Childress' Clever page. You can also continue to research a topic you’re still exploring. Remember, a good researcher always uncovers more questions, which leads to more research. 

How is literacy defined? - Approaches to Early Literacy Learning.


Sheen Childress, Librarian

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Erica Martinez, Library Media Assistant