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We hope you have enjoyed our Choice Boards and you’ll continue to explore the resources on the library catalog homepage over the summer. Remember, several of the links on the library catalog homepage require a username and password. If you need help, please email me, Mrs. Martinez, or your classroom teacher for that information. We’re happy to help.

 If you’re looking for something to read or you would like to participate in a fun summer reading challenge, check out the Prince William County summer reading lists. You’ll find great book recommendations for your grade level and information about the Prince William County Public Library summer reading challenge. The public library offers eBooks and will begin curbside pickup for print copies on June 15th!

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading! 


Neabsco Library Summer
Choice Board




Choice #1- Read a book!

Read any book or magazine you have in your house. Find a comfy spot and read to your pet or stuffed animal. You could also read to someone in your family. Little brothers and sisters love when you read to them! Try building a fort with items around your house, where you can curl up and read.

Choice #2- Read a book online!

Go to our library catalog page at Neabsco Library and select a story from Storyline Online or Tumblebooks. If you are using Storyline, remember to click on “CC” so you can see the words as they read to you.


Choice #3- Do some research!

Pick your favorite research resource from our Neabsco Library page  or Clever that we have used over the last 8 weeks and explore a topic you haven’t researched yet. You can also continue to research a topic you’re still exploring. Remember, a good researcher always uncovers more questions, which leads to more research. 

Choice #4- Summer Reading!

  Visit Summer Reading Lists for information about the Prince William County Summer Reading Lists and the Prince William County Public Library’s summer reading challenge.

How is literacy defined? - Approaches to Early Literacy Learning.


Sheen Childress, Librarian

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I will check email throughout the summer if you have any questions or need assistance.



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