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  • We are hoping that all students and families are healthy, safe, and practicing their social distancing! We encourage students and family members to stay active during this time, therefore our PE staff will provide a variety of fitness/skill-related activities that everyone can participate in! :)

    Expected Attire:
     Students are expected to wear sneakers/ tennis shoes and comfortable clothes that they can move in.

    Check out the calendar above for different daily activities you and your family can participate in! Every Monday will be a yoga lesson, Tuesdays will be fitness, Wednesdays will be dance, and Thursdays will be fun activities.


    Kindergarten-2nd Grade: skipping, galloping, hopping, hop on one foot, side shuffle, leaping, and running.
    3rd-5th Grade: (10 times/seconds) Jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, plank, sit-ups, sit & reach stretch, and butterfly stretch.

    Personal Learning Project:
    Fitness Journal

    National Field Day

    Hello Everyone! I am inviting you to participate in OpenPhysed's National Virtual Field Day on May 8th!
    Please follow the link below to access the following:
    National Virtual Field Day
    •  Family Step By Step Guide
    • Field Day Practice Plans
    • Field Day Event Cards (English& Spanish)
    •  A Complete Equipment List with At- Home Items
    • Links to Video Demonstrations
    • Participation Certificates

    Additional Resources:
    25 Ways to Get Moving Flyer
    GoNoodle for families
    Noodle TV
    Spell it Fitness (choose a different word each time)
    10-Day Challenge
    Kindergarten-5th Grade Taught Standards:
    K.1a-i, K.2a-d, K.4a-c
    1.1a-k, 1.2a-e, 1.4a-d
    2.1a-d & h, 2.2a & b, 2.3a, c & g, 2.4a-e
    3.1a & c-e, 3.2a & b, 3.4a-f
    4.1a, e, & f, 4.2d & f, 4.3b & d, 4.4a & b
    5.1a & d-g, 5.2c, 5.3b, 5.4a-e
    Kindergarten-5th Grade Standards That Were Not Taught:
    K.1j & k, K.5a-c
    1.1l & m, 1.3a-c, 1.5a-d
    2.1e-g, 2.2c-g, 2.3b, d & f, 2.5ad
    3.1b, 3.2c-e, 3.3a-d, 3.5a-e
    4.1b-c, & g, 4.2a-c & e, 4.3a, c & e, 4.4c & d, 4.5a-g
    5.1b & c, 5.2a & b, 5.3a, & c-f, 5.5a-f

    Virginia PE Standards (PDF)

    Contact Information:
    Our virtual office hours are every Friday from 11 am through noon until June 12th.

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