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     Things will not go perfectly, but we will work together and little by little.  Remember, all the lessons are OPTIONAL.  Do only what you can each day.  No new grades will be given this year.  Try to watch the recorded lesson and make one choice from the Choice Board each day.  Then, relax!  We're going to make it!  Our class motto this year is, "We are smart! We are strong! We are ready!"  We repeated it each day.  It's still true!

Todo no va a salir perfectamente, pero vamos a trabajar juntos poco a poco! Recuerden que todos de las lecciones son opcionales. Hagan lo que puedan cada dia. No nuevas notas van a ser dados este ano. Intenten de ver las lecciones grabados y hacer una seleccion de la Choice Board cada dia. Luego, descansen! Todo va a salir bien! Nuestra lema este ano es "Somos inteligentes! Somos Fuertes! Estamos listos!" Lo deciamos cada dia. Sigue siendo cierto!

Recorded Lessons and Choice Boards

Week of June 8-12

Choice Board June 8th - June 12th English and  Spanish
June 8th ESOL Kindergarten Choice Board
Math Week 8
Reading and Writing Week 8
Social Studies Week 8
Science Week 8

Week of June 1-June 5
Social Studies Week 7
Math week 7
Science Week 7

Reading and Writing Week 7
Choice Boards June 1st - June 5th English and Spanish

June 1st ESOL Kindergarten Choice Board 

Week of May 25-29th
Choice Board May 25th - May 29th -English and Spanish
May 25th ESOL Kindergarten Choice Board
Social Studies Week 6
Math Week 6
Science Week 6

Week of May 18-22
Choice Board May 18th - May 22nd Spanish and English
May 18th ESOL Kindergarten Choice Board
Writing Week 5
Reading Week 5
Social Studies Week 5
Math Week 5
Science Week 5

Week of May 11-15
May 11th ESOL Kindergarten Choice Board
Choice Board May 11th - May 15th - Spanish and English

Reading Week 4
Writing Week 4
Social Studies Week 4
Math Week 4
Science Week 4
Previous Weeks' Lessons

Week 1:

Monday Reading      Monday Writing
Social Studies Tues          
Science Week 1
Choice Board April 20th - 24th😊

Week 2:
Reading Week2     Writing Week 2
Social Studies Week 2
Math Week 2
Science Week 2

Choice Board April 27th - May 1st - with Spanish

Week 3-May 4-8
Science Week 3
Math week 3
Social Studies Week 3 
Reading Week 3
Writing Week 3
Choice Board May 4th - May 8th -English and Spanish
May 4th  ESOL Kindergarten Choice Board

The State of Virginia is posting lessons on television for all to see.  Here's the schedule:

Check out our April Kindergarten Project!  Can't wait to see which one you choose!
            Earth Day Learning Projects           

What you can be doing at home while school is closed

      Math: Count something every day! on ST Math/ Jiji, Practice counting objects and counting to  100.Practice recognizing and writing numbers 0-20 and adding and subtracting story problems. For example:

Mrs. Draper had 3 oranges.  Mrs. Jensen gave her 2 more.  How many oranges are there in all?

   Reading: Read something every day! Practice reading sight words. read to your child at home, have your child read to you, have your child retell a story that was read (characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.) 


Sight Words for Level A 

am           see          go

at             the        is

can           to  me         

Sight Words for Level B 

 and            has  look

 he             his   do

in               it   got

like            on  had


    Writing: Write something every day! Practice writing stories that include a detailed picture and a sentence that  matches. Practice writing sight words.

Mindfulness: Go outside every day! 
This is a new situation for everyone. At times it can feel overwhelming, scary,and cause a lot of uncertainty. It is important for us to remember what we are blessed with and what is of value to us.  Keeping a journal during this time would be helpful for the children and for the adults.  Writing down how we are feeling each day and what we are grateful for can bring us peace and comfort.  Focusing on what we know and what we can control is so important right now.  

The following are sample activities to use at home

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Math: Count to 100for someone in yourhome. Whatnumber comesbefore 47? Whatnumber comes after 23?

Math: Make up someMath story problemswith your family. If Ihave 3 cookies and Mrs. Jensen gives me2 more, how manywill I have in all?

Math: Write thenumbers 1 to30. What number:22,__,24? 13,___,15.

Count all the forks in your house. How many do you have?

Math: Count by 10'sto 100. What 10 comes after 30?

If Mrs. Jensen has 5 oranges and she eats 2, how many does she have left?

Math: How many windows do youhave in your house?

If I have 32 pennies,and Mrs. Jensen has24 pennies, who has more? What is apenny worth? A nickel? A dime?

Reading: Watch the Video "Be GladYour Nose is on YourFace"

What words do youhear that rhymes?

Reading: Read this rhyming family

man canpan

tan van

How many sounds changed?

Reading:Read yourfavorite book with your families. What happened first, next,and last. Retell the story to them.

Reading:Ask a family member to tell you astory. Retell the story with what happened first, nextand last.

Reading:Watch the Video "Be GladYourNose is on Your Face"

Name three places the poem says yournose shouldn't be!

Writing: Draw a picture of your favorite game to play.

Write a sentence about it.

Writing: Add 3 details to your picture from Monday. Write a sentence about who you play the gamewith.

Writing: Can you write these words in sentences? can, do, cat,the, me.

Writing: Draw a picture of what you had to eat for lunch. Write a sentence about it.

Writing:Can you write sentences withthese words? like,dog, look, am

Science: Do a "water hunt" in your house. How many ways are water used? Ex. The sink,the bathtub

Science: What water sources do we have in Woodbridge? Do we have rivers? Oceans?

Science: How can we SAVE water in our homes? Make a list and send it to Mrs.Draper.

Science: Have youand your family ever
been to the ocean? What did youor your family do at the beach?

Science: Does waterflow downhill or uphill? Did it flowdown or up the slide at school? Does raincome down, or go up?


What have we already covered in class and what haven't we?

Below are the SOL guides for Kindergarten showing what standards we have already covered and which ones we haven't. The standards already covered would be great review work for your child! As the weeks progress, I will be posting videos and resources to hopefully cover the material we haven't yet covered. The material not covered is highlighted in  pink  in each document.

Language Arts
Social Studies

 Subject  Links
 Language Arts
 Social Studies

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