th and 5th Grades
After reviewing landscape vocabulary, please select at least one of these activities. You will need paper and something to draw with.  If you have materials at home, you may then color or paint your drawing with whatever you may have. You may choose one or do them all!  Be sure to email a picture of your artwork to 
fortundm@pwcs.edu so I can create an online art gallery!

Choice 1

Pencil, paper

No technology


Think about the regions of the U.S. that you have learned about. Use what you know about drawing landscapes to draw your favorite. Think about the features of the land in that region and how you will draw them to show depth. Use the Landscape Review if needed to help you.

Choice 2

Pencil, paper

Use the technique of OVERLAPPING to draw a mountain and lake landscape by following along with this video. Use the pause button as needed to give yourself more time. This video also shows how to blend colors when coloring .

Mountain Lake Landscape Draw Along

Choice 3

Pencil, paper

Step by step directions for drawing a spring scene using loose one-point perspective

Perspective Draw-Along

Choice 4

Pencil, paper, ruler

Want to learn something really cool? Follow this video to learn one-point perspective to make your landscapes super-real using mathematical proportion! Make sure you use the vanishing point and I suggest using a ruler, especially when doing windows and doors
One-Point Perspective Draw-Along