Have a great summer, Stars!   I miss you and can't wait to see
you in the Fall!
                                                     Mrs. Fortune 
Hello Neabsco Star Family! I'm Mrs. Fortune and this is my 4th year as the art teacher for Neabsco ES and 11th year in PWCS.  Before moving to Prince William County, I taught for 16 years in Texas.  I haven't always been an art teacher, I've been a classroom teacher, too!  My degree is in Elementary Education with a minor in Art Education.   My experience includes teaching first, second, third, and fifth grades as well as art.  I love helping children grow as artists and make connections to their classroom, community, and world through visual arts.   Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my 3 daughters and husband, drawing and painting, playing the piano,  exploring new places,  studying history and cultures, and learning new things!

Virtual Art Class:   Mondays 2:40-3:40 p.m.
Office Hours:   Fridays 9:00-10:00 a.m. via email
Hello, Art Stars!
Welcome to online art class!  
Although there is a scheduled art time, the art lessons can be accessed at any time.  If you are 
    unable to work on a project at the scheduled time, you have all week to to complete it!
You may do more than one project!  The more you practice, the better you get! 


Happy Last Week of School!
This week, instead of a new lesson, I want you to choose
a lesson from below that you either missed or choose your 
favorite and do a different project from within that lesson.
Links are below .  Last weeks is here and the rest are under
The "Did you miss a lesson?" section below
Monsters,  Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Portraits, Crazy
alternative Portraits.

Click on the link for the lesson and projects on my new S'more page  here:

                 Week of June 1- Lesson 7 - MONSTERS
   (It's so fun!   You're going to love it!)

Choose an activity to create an artwork.  You may do as many as you like! All activities require paper
    and something to draw with. 
If you wish and you have supplies to do so, you may color or paint

    your project. ****PLEASE- if you color, use good crafstmanship and color carefully and solidly!****  
Examples of other projects to spark creativity and inspire you if you want to take your
    art in a different direction.

When you are finished, send a picture of your amazing work to 
If you do not want me to display your art work, no problem!
Just let me know when you send it, and it will be for my eyes only.

If you have questions, I am available on Mondays 2:40-3:40 pm and Fridays 9:00-10:00 by email and

    will be able to communicate immediately at those times.  I am also available during regular
    school hours, but may not respond as quickly.  You may also sign up for alerts when lessons are
    posted when you follow my S'more page!

Did you know.....
Smore lesson pages are ADA accessible?  Now you do!

Did you miss a lesson?
Links to Smore and Previous Lessons will be here for you to enjoy anytime!
       Week of April 20
                                                                 Week of April 27
 Lesson Week 1 Landscapes                                     Lesson Week 2 Cityscapes

         Week of May 3                                                                    Week of May 11
 Lesson Week 3 Seascapes                                            Lesson Week 4 Portraits        

         Week of May 18   
 Lesson Week 5 Alternative Portraits     


Sites for Creating Art at Home

Lessons for drawing, painting, origami and more- click on your choice under the black title
banner to go straight to lessons-  
Art for Kids

Create digital art-                               Bomomo

EVERYTHING!  My favorite!        National Gallery of Art for Kids

 Digital Picasso Portraits                Create Picasso Portraits

Art History- Learn about famous artists, and art from ancient cultures
                                                                     Duckster Art History

Art games, projects, and artist investigations    Artsology 

Drawing lessons and more              Art Projects for Kids

    Personal Learning Project

                Design your
        "Dream Bedroom"

If you could have anything you wanted in your room, what would it be?
A pool? stage? theater? secret rooms?  tree house?  a slide?
Would it have a theme?
Gaming? Soccer? Music? Animals? 
How would you arrange your room?
2.  Create...
Create a representation of your "Dream Bedroom"  You choose how to show your design.
*Create a map with labels
*Create a collage using found pictures 
*Create a 3-dimensional design such as a diorama or cut and fold paper to create objects
*Digital or virtual- use a program you are familiar with to create using technology

3.  Share...
Send a picture of your creation to

Art Standards

Click the link below to see what standards have been taught this year 

 Standards highlighted in yellow HAVE been taught. 
 Un-highlighted standards HAVE NOT been taught.

Visual Art Standards 2020 (5).pdf