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Ben Eshun

Due to the COVID-19 school closure, below are some ideas for continued practice while we are out of the building.

Math:  We just completed our unit on fractions and computation (adding and subtracting fractions). We were preparing to begin a unit on Probability.

Reading:  We have begun studying Poetry.  Our lesson focuses have been on developing and understanding of Poetry through the integration of our Standards of Learning such as character, setting, plot, main idea, supporting details, cause and effect (if appropriate), author's purpose, and use of sensory words to enhance the author's intent when writing the poem.  Log onto LEXIA or MyOn through Clever.

Writing:  We were beginning to write and create our own poems.

Science:  We have been studying Basic Electricity and Magnetism learning all about open and closed circuits, series and parallel circuits, positive and negative poles on a magnet, why magnets work the way they do, and we were in the process of learning how to create and build our own electromagnet.

VA Studies:  We just finished a unit on the Civil War and we were preparing to begin to study Virginia's Reconstruction following the Civil War.


Helpful Links:

Please check out the PWCS Home Learning webpage for resources and ideas for at home learning:

 Home Learning Page

Please remember MyOn, ST Math, Lexia and Wixie can be accessed through CLEVER! see link below:

How to Access Clever from Home 

Clever - please make sure to log in through Google Chrome for LEXIA and MYON
Log in for students to access thousands of enhanced digital titles - fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and more—at a wide range of reading.

ORIGO MATH AT HOME- This link contains mathematical concepts and skills students are learning at their grade level.

Class DojoIf you have not yet signed up for Dojo, I strongly encourage you to sign up.

                         Special Education/Ms. Kincaid’s Webpage - Special education

Take advantage of our library Catalog: 
Library Media Center Links

If you have any questions during the time we are out, please don't hesitate to send a message through Dojo or email (

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