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Please bear with us as we are all learning what is expected of all of us. 
Below please see the instructional calendar of activities that students can use at home. This will help to maintain school structure and keep the students engaged. Also, there are helpful links listed below including clever.

Please bear in mind that all these activities are still OPTIONAL but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!

Daily Virtual Learning at Home

Hello Welcome to our Second Grade Virtual Learning

Meeting ID and Password  has been emailed or sent via Class Dojo. I will resend them daily. 


10:40am – 11:40am every Monday for review lessons and activities

Social Studies

10:40am-11:40am every Tuesday for review lessons and activities


10:40am-11:40 am Wednesday for review lessons and activities


10:40am -11:40am every Thursday for review lessons and activities

Office Hours

10:40am -11:40am


We will be providing feedback via ClassDojo+++


  • Parental consent is required for each child to participate in these sessions.

    Kindly indicate consent thought class dojo or an email.

I am also asking that the following descriptions be used during these meetings:

  • Students should be in a quiet area during these sessions.
  • Only students from  my class can participate during discussion.
  • Proper attire is required during these sessions.
  • Provide some guidance if possible for the first week until your child is familiar with the platform used.
  • To be prepared students should have pencils, notebook and eraser.
  • My virtual office hours every Friday from 10:40 am -11:40 am. During this time, I will be able to Class Dojo or talk on the phone to help with anything.

Below are instructional guides for each subject.
They will show what SOLs (Standards of Learning) we have already taught and SOLs that we haven't taught yet.
Science Objectives(pdf)
2nd grade Math Standards(pdf)
2nd Grade Social Studies Standards(pdf)
2nd Grade Reading Standards 3-23-2020(pdf)
2nd grade writing standards(pdf)

Website Access: 
How to Access Clever from Home (English)
How to access Clever from home (Spanish)

 Visit the county page for additional resources:
Additional Resources

Take advantage of our library Catalog.
Library Catalog

Myon Tips:
-Remember you must login through clever!
-When you read a book, for it to be marked "finished" you must complete the book by clicking "I have finished this book".

Contact Information: 
-email: matuten@pwcs.edu
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