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Please bear in mind that all these activities are still OPTIONAL but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!
Calendar for week of March 23rd-27th(week of March 23rd-27th)
Calendar for week of March 30th-April 3rd

Calendar for week of April 14-17
Calendar for April 20- May 1
May 4-15 Calendar
May 21 - Solids, Liquids, and Gases
ESOL 2nd Grade choice board May 18
May 18-29 Calendar
Matter assignment
Fractions at home
Fractions at home in spanish
SS assignment 5.18
SS assignment 2 5.18
SS assignment 5.26
Telling time activity 1
Telling time activity 2
Traveling Pets
Falling For Gravity
Gravity and Air Resistance
Making Objects Move
Contact and NonContact Forces
2nd Grade Choice Board May 4th
2nd Grade Choice Board May 25
2nd Grade Choice Board June Calendar
Traveling Pets
Cookie Jar

Virtual Back to School Night- Thank you to those of you who attended my virtual Back to School Night.  Unfortunately the file was too large to email so I am attaching it here.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Virtual Back to School Night

On Monday, April 20, we will begin our virtual learning using "Zoom".  An email and Class Dojo message will be sent the night before with the information needed for the following day's class.  There will be a link that can be copied and pasted and it will include a Meeting ID and Password (these are changed each day for security purposes).  When joining the meeting, it will ask for a name. 
Please have your child use the name that I know them by or I will not grant permission for them to join.  My goal is to keep our class meetings secure and only open to the students in my classroom.
Our class schedule is as follows:
Mondays 10:40-11:40 Language Arts
Tuesdays 10:40-11:40 Social Studies
Wednesdays 10:40-11:40 Math
Thursdays 10:40-11:40 Science

On Fridays, I will hold my "office hours" from 10:40-11:40 and can be reached through Class Dojo or my email alquinka@pwcs.edu for immediate response to answer any questions.

All classes are optional.  No new content will be taught and assignments and activities will not be graded.  If your child is not able to participate in the "Zoom" class, there will be optional assignments and activities listed on my webpage.

In order for your child to participate in "Zoom", I have to have parental permission which most of you have already given me.   It is important that during a "Zoom" meeting that your child:
-Work in a quiet area
-Wear proper attire (as they would for school)
-Follow classroom expectations
-Try to have paper and a pencil/pen

Thank you so much and I look forward to "seeing" everyone on Monday! 

Football players from Colgan High School have been recording themselves doing read-alouds for our students.  Have your child enjoy a book read by one of them!  Colgan Football Players Read Aloud

                                         Independent Learning Project:
                                                Animal Trading Card

Directions: Students will use MyOn (through Clever), Worldbook Online (through Clever), Pebblego (username is neabsco and the password is school) or books at home to choose an animal to research. Students will read about the animal and complete the trading card showing what was learned. A trading card template is attached.
Science: Animal Habitats 2.5,2.7a, 2.1 ➢ Living things are part of a system (interactions between living things and the nonliving surroundings) ➢ Components of an animal’s habitat ➢ Changes in habitats ➢ Weather and seasonal changes affect the growth and behavior of living things
Social Studies: Geography 2.6a The student will develop map skills by using globes and maps of the world and the United States to locate the seven continents and the five oceans.
Reading: 2.12 The student will conduct research by using available resources to gather information and answer questions to complete a research project. - Ongoing b) Generate questions to gather information c) Identify pictures, texts, people, or media as sources of information d) Find information from provided sources
Writing: 2.12 The student will conduct research by using available resources to gather information and answer questions to complete a research product. a) Generate topics of interest. b) Generate questions to gather information. c) Identify pictures, texts, people, or media as sources of information. d) Find information from provided sources. e) Organize information in writing or a visual display.

Template:Animal Trading Card Project

Please bear with us as we are all learning what is expected of all of us. 
Below please see the instructional calendar of activities that students can use at home. This will help to maintain school structure and keep the students engaged. Also, there are helpful links listed below including clever.

Below are instructional guides for each subject. 
They will show what SOLs (Standards of Learning) we have already taught and SOLs that we haven't taught yet.
Science Objectives
2nd grade Math Standards
2nd Grade Social Studies Standards
2nd Grade Reading Standards 3-23-2020
2nd grade writing standards

Website Access: 
How to Access Clever from Home (English)
How to access Clever from home (Spanish)

 Visit the county page for additional resources:
PWCS Additional Resources

Take advantage of our library Catalog.
PWCS Library Catalog

Myon Tips:
-Remember you must login through clever!
-When you read a book, for it to be marked "finished" you must complete the book by clicking "I have finished this book".


Contact Information: 
e-mail: alquinka@pwcs.edu
or join me on Class Dojo!

March 24, 2020 
The other day I created an account for each student in our class to have their own login on a site called Raz-Kids.  This website allows students to access a library of  books so that they can listen to stories, read stories on their own, and answer comprehension questions about the story.  I messaged each parent through our Class Dojo app regarding login information.  

In case you need it- you will be prompted for the teacher code which is alquinka.  For your child to login, their username is their first name and the password is alquinta.  Please take advantage of this great site if you are able.


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